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More “Windows of Opportunity” in Children

In one of my last posts I told you about the ‘windows of opportunity’ for when babies wire their little brains for certain things. I thought I’d share the rest of the ones we learned from Dr. Pam Schiller.aug111

Emotional Intelligence: 0-48 months

Trust 0-14 months (now that you know this do you really want to let your baby cry it out or do you want your baby to trust that when she’s crying she’ll be picked up, when she’s hungry she’ll be fed and when she needs you you’ll be there? That’s the way I feel about that but what do I know? I’m just a mom that can’t stand listening to my baby girl cry and would never be able to let her cry it out. You make your own decisions).

Impulse control 16-48 months.

Attachment 0-12 months

Independence 12-24 months

Cooperation 24-36 months

Problem solving 16-48 months (Tell them figure stuff out on their own, don’t do everything for them).

Motor development 0-24 months (they’re not developing motor skills if they’re watching TV).

Vision 0-24 months (Again, TV and what I wrote about in the last post with the way the eyes wire to the brain for seeing).

Early sounds 4-8 months (there was some astonishing number of how reading to your baby at this age dramatically increases their future vocabulary, I wish I would’ve written it down but I didn’t. Just know that it’s so astonishing we’ve moved up to reading at least 4 books a day, we only have 2 months of this window left).

Vocabulary 0-24 months


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