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Is it all about food?

No! Food is a huge part of the health-counseling program but it doesn’t have to be all of it.

We can also work on ‘greening’ your home to ensure that we reduce your family’s toxic load as much as possible. We can talk about challenging situations with our children and problem-solve different ways of doing things. My experience as a pre-school teacher in the public school system can help problem solve routines, chores, behavior and ways to make your life easier! We look at how you move your body and find you the type of exercise you love. As a certified personal trainer and strength coach I can even help you with exercise programming.

I also want to help you find balance. As mothers we spend so much time giving to others we often neglect ourselves. I want to help you fall back in love with yourself, have fun and get in touch with your spiritual side.

As a level 4 Reiki Master I can help you focus deeper on any issues that you may be working through, clear up old, limiting beliefs and help you on your way to your most vibrant life.

How do I start?

If you’re ready to begin your adventure to your healthiest, happiest life then lets find a good time to talk. We’ll get to know each other, discuss some goals and get you healthy, happy and vibrant!

What exactly is a health coach?

As I health coach I strive to be your motivator and personal cheerleader to cultivate positive health choices. I’ll educate and support you to go the extra mile to reach your specific goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. Health coaches help empower you to take a proactive role in staying healthy by giving you the tools to make it simple, manageable and more fun than you could ever imagine!

Here’s a great little video about what exactly a health coach does!

How long does it take?

Change doesn’t happen overnight; it takes time, patience and sometimes a tumble or two. A 6-month program is what many of us health coaches have found to be most beneficial to our clients but programs can be lengthened or shortened depending on your need. My goal is to make working with me as joyful as possible and to be a pillar of support for as long as you need!

Sessions last an hour and happen 2 times a month. This gives you a few weeks to digest the information and see what works for you and what doesn’t. Where you need more support and where you’ve become a rock star! Even better, you can stay in your jammies while we chat since sessions are conducted via Skype!

I’m scared of change!

On some level we’re all afraid of change, we like doing what we’re used to doing. Think of it this way- things can always be better and there’s no risk when you invest in yourself!

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