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10 Yummy ways to eat Avocado!

Avocados have got to be one of my favorite summer foods and with so many reasons to love them you can add them to your diet with zero guilt! Avocados are known for their delicious, healthy fats but finding ways to incorporate them into your diet can be tricky. Guacamole is a popular way to […]

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Food Rules to Live by

As a Holistic Health Counselor I tend to get lots of questions about food! So today I want to share with you some really great, simple food rules that are easy enough for anyone to incorporate and make a long-term part of their lives. These rules happen to come from a book called “Food Rules, […]

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Natural Hangover Remedies

It’s not every day that I have a hangover. In fact I can’t really remember the last time I did- probably sometime before 2010 when I was pregnant with my daughter. We’ve never been in a situation with reliable childcare so sadly date nights don’t happen all that often for us and when we do […]

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Keep Valentines Day Healthy!

I must admit- Valentines Day is one of my least favorite holidays- one of the holidays that seem to be an excuse to give, and eat, a bunch of candy. Sure I love the underlying message of celebrating love and friendship but why exactly does that have to be tied to candy? And since it’s […]

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How an image on Facebook changed the way I Parent

I’m sure it’s happened to all of us- we take a scroll through Facebook and sometimes we see an image that speaks to us. If you’re a parent you’re probably bombarded with tons of parenting images and memes and ideas of different ways to parent, how to be gentle, things to do to help with […]

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Spending time in Nature is better than Therapy!

Sure, I’ll admit it, I’m a tree hugger. And so is my daughter! We just LOVE spending time outside. In fact, I try to make it a point to get outside and into nature as often as possible, every day actually, even if it just means having a picnic lunch in out backyard or finding […]

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Making Meditation a Part of Your Life

Meditation. It’s something I’ve wanted to incorporate into my daily life for as long as I can remember. I’ve flirted with it for years, meditating and then stopping and this summer I finally started making it a daily ritual, waking up at 5am to meditate every day. And then we moved from Oregon to California […]

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Delicious Breakfast (or snack) Cookie!

The breakfast cookie is far and away one of the easiest things to make and my favorite part about it is that it never has to be boring. All you have to do is change the ingredients and you have a whole new cookie. I call it the breakfast cookie but sometimes I make it […]

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Simply Delicious Kale Salad

Kale is one of the best greens around. Full of vitamins, antioxidants and even calcium it is usually my go-to. There are so many delicious ways to prepare kale, from oven-roasted chips, to braised or as a salad mix in. Raw, massaged kale however is one of my favorite ways to enjoy it – just […]

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Buckwheat Yogurt Breakfast Cake

OK, this isn’t exactly a cake. In fact, it’s not a cake at all. But it is very delicious, full of healthy ingredients and in my experience calling something a “cake” and tossing a few dark chocolate chips on top makes it a whole lot easier when attempting to get a 5 year old to […]

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