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How I avoided Morning Sickness

With my first pregnancy my morning sickness was brutal. All day, every day and well past my first trimester. It had been over 6 years since my last pregnancy and since then I had really dived into the world of fertility and pregnancy nutrition helping clients get pregnant and have healthy pregnancies. So this time, with all this new knowledge I didn’t have the first time around I had a much, much smoother pregnancy – including no morning sickness! This is what I did:



I started taking Magnesium Calm several months before getting pregnant to make sure that my magnesium stores weren’t depleted and once I got became pregnant I started with 400mg and moved to 600mg of magnesium glycinate every night before bed (it’s also supposed to help with sleep but I did go through a period of uncomfortable pregnancy insomnia towards the end).


I found that well timed protein intake was key. Starting the day with protein instead of carbs made a huge and immediate difference. No one really wants to prepare a protein rich breakfast first thing in the morning when they’re feeling nauseous, carbs are so much more appealing. The key is being prepared. I tried my very best to make sure I always had hard boiled eggs so I could grab one first thing in the morning and I noticed a huge difference on the days I started my days with eggs so I made it a habit. Hard boiled eggs can smell funky so if you can’t stand the smell have someone else boil and peel a big batch for you. Keeping your protein intake high throughout the day also helps with morning sickness and again- meal prep is your best friend. Make sure to have things like nuts, cheese and chicken on hand to add to your meals and snacks (especially a high protein right before bed snack!) and keep some nuts by your bed to have when you get up too pee in the middle of the night.

Vitamin B6:

50mg of vitamin B6 with every meal. Works like a charm if you take it consistently.

Any other tried and true tricks that helped you avoid morning sickness? Please share them with us!


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