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Food Wars Days 3-4

Day three was quite a disaster. Annabelle woke up at 5am with a fever. No fun. Lots of drool, chubby cheeks and a fever can only mean one thing. More teeth. I think I’m going to throw a party in honor of the last tooth coming in because this is exhausting.

One of the things I’ve been working on a bit lately is going with the flow, being in the moment and not stressing as much over the unimportnat things in life. As soon as we sat down for breakfast and Annabelle refused the brown rice pudding she ended up gobbling down the day before I knew I would just be going with the flow, she wanted to nurse, and to be held by mommy, pretty much all day. Poor baby.

I did the best I could, foodwise, given the circumstances. She had an organic blueberry mash-up pouch for breakfast, raw organic cheddar for a snack on our morning jog, scrambled eggs and some of daddys organic mozarella cheese string, an earths best barley teething biscuit for an afternoon snack and a hot dog bun at a birthday party for dinner.

This is a day that I would have normally made her a spinach cake because “at least it’s a vegetable” and she would have probably eaten it. I even made her some pumpkin protein brownies but she refused it all.

Not much real food.

Day 4

We started the morning with a perfect Sunday breakfast. Scrambled eggs and waffles. This is one of the dishes that Annabelle hasn’t stopped eating during her picky stage so she had no issue with her breakfast.

We went out and ended up at Buy Buy baby at around 11:30 with no snack in hand (I had planned on being home in time and my diaper bag snack stash was gone). So when Annabelle pulled a mashup down from the shelf I let her have it. It’s organic fruit and veggies and come on, I’m not perfect, she was hungry.

Lunch was an adventure. A friend had just posted about a spinach cream sauce she served over pasta that her toddler loved, so I stole the idea. Annabelle hasn’t eaten pasta in months, which she used to go crazy for, so I decided to try rice noodles which she has never had before. I whipped up a quick cream sauce using frozen organic spinach and added some orange bell peppers and chicken apple sausage to her plate. It took a minute before she decided to try it. She played with it, put it on the table and then licked her fingers. Apparently the finger licking swayed her and she chowed down. Andrew even stole some off her plate. She didn’t even touch anything else. Score! Thank you Bethany!










We took some raisins on the road with us for a snack and ended up at Zoes Kitchen for dinner. Annabelle got the spinach roll ups which she has always loved (spinach twice in one day. not the best planning, but it’s a vegetable! and better than nothing!) She took about 3 bites and called it a day. Maybe she didn’t want it because she had spinach for lunch but she didn’t want anything off anyones plate either, except a few bites of pita bread and then she ate the rest of her raisins on the way home.

Another day of the food wars. It’s been going surprisingly well. She hasn’t been eating too much, but toddlers don’t eat much anyways, right? Hopefully it’ll just keep getting better and better.


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