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The first day of school is over!

It’s night like tonight that are the hardest, physically, of being a mom. The emotional rollercoaster of being a mom is one thing but the exhaustion of being a working mom is something else entirely. And it’s only Monday. Oh no!

Today was my students first day back at school and since I teach pre-k it’s all kids that have never been to school before and really don’t want to leave their mommies. I had one runner, my assistant stood guard by the door all morning, a lot of criers, 1 screamer and surprisingly enough 2 that legitimately don’t speak English or Spanish. I say legitimately because I have plenty that I know speak English or Spanish but to figure out which it is they would actually need to speak… and it was over 100 degrees today and my AC isn’t working. Wonderful. On the plus side nobody threw up today. Yay!

I’m never too tired for Annabelle but once we do our bedtime ritual I switch gears. Things need to get done. Dinner dishes need to be cleaned, bottles need to be washed and refilled for daycare, my lunch has to be made, the diaper bag has to be re-stocked, laundry usually needs to get done, the mess of a very messy eater needs to be cleaned up, the dogs need to be fed and played with, I have to pump, the pump then has to be cleaned and so do the bottles I pumped into and that all has to go into the bag to take to school and the ice packs need to be put in the freezer. And a shower would be nice too. Maybe a minute or two to sit down and relax.

And as soon as the last bottle was put into Annabelles lunch box and into the fridge she wakes up. It’s nights like tonight, when no one is around to help that I think I might loose my mind. She’s totally off her sleeping schedule since starting back at daycare. It’s either because she’s taking a later nap or because she misses mommy and just wants to hang out. Or maybe a little of both. The problem is that had she stayed awake that whole list of things that still needs to get done doesn’t get done. Now what? Thank goodness we didn’t have to figure that out tonight. It happened plenty of times over the summer but now I have to be out the door by 7am. No easy task.

It’s amazing my brain is still functioning. Not completely though because I did manage to leave my pump at school which automatically deleted a few things from my to do list, hence the time to write and hopefully shower before Annabelle decides to wake up again. Or will she sleep through the night? Your guess is as good as mine. That being said I really do want to shower and it’s already 10:15pm so goodbye. Wish me luck to make it through the rest of the week.

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