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Healthy Toddler Snacks

Recently I’ve been on a mission to put together a list of healthy, non-processed toddler snacks. I was inspired by a friend who made a New Years resolution to not feed her toddler any processed food. What a fabulous idea, why didn’t I think of that? I try to stay away from processed as much as possible but I’m not perfect and sometimes I fail. Looking up toddler snacks will usually pull up your usual snack ideas of cut up fruit, cheese, crackers, yogurt. Annabelle has become the worlds pickiest eater and has decided to stop eat eating cut up fruit and veggies, and yogurt. She has gone on a complete yogurt strike and she will absolutely not be spoon fed by anyone other than herself (except if it’s rice or couscous, for that she makes a special exception). With all her new self imposed dietary restrictions snacks are always on my mind (and breakfast, lunch and dinner).So here’s a list of some of our favorite snacks that she’s still willing to eat. Some of them are quick and easy, others require some prep work.



If you have any suggestions on out of the ordinary, healthy snacks, please share them. Seriously. Please. Help! I have tons and tons of recipes that I’ve used for older kids that are delicious and nutritious but Annabelle won’t even put food in her mouth if she doesn’t like the look of it. Sometimes I beg her to just try something and if she doesn’t like it she doesn’t have to eat it, at least just TRY it! please!!! But she’s 15 months. She pays no attention to my attempts to just try an itty bitty tiny piece.

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