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Group Fertility Coaching is Here!

For the past few years one of the aspects of Holistic Health Counseling (mind, body, spirit!) I’ve really been focusing on is fertility. What is means to get your body ready for a baby. To be the absolute healthiest you can be so that your own reserves aren’t depleted once you’re pregnant and also what to do to help increase your chances of fertility.

I’ve worked with private clients since graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2007 and am thrilled to now offer a group program that focuses specifically on getting ready for expanding your family while offering the support of other women going through the same thing.

Ancient wisdom says we should give our body one month to recover and replenish for every month that a baby borrowed our bodies through pregnancy or breastfeeding. While it’s a good rule of thumb not everyone wants that kind of spacing. The next best bet is to focus on eating the most nutrient dense foods that will help nourish and re-plenish your body to keep you and baby healthy during pregnancy!

Babies need the very best nutrition to grow and thrive – that means that you need to be getting the very best nutrition months in advance of pregnancy. Ideally, pregnancy preparation should start about 6 months before you begin trying to conceive. If you are not deeply nourished during pregnancy your natural reserves will go towards growing a baby, leaving you in a weakened state. This happens when your body has to choose where to allocate its resources. If you are lacking in any area, your body sends those resources to the child it is growing, and ends up lacking in the mother. Overcoming deficiencies through proper preparation can help you avoid morning sickness, reduce the appearance of stretch marks, keep you healthy and provide you with vital energy!


3-month Group Fertility Coaching Provides:

(4) 50-minute group coaching calls where we will go over the program details and how to start implementing what you will be learning. Each month will have a time for questions and answers and then focus on a different topic.

Month 1: Discover which nutrient dense foods you need to add into your diet to make sure you and your baby stay nourished, and how to prepare delicious meals using them.

Month 2: The importance of self-care and restorative sleep and how to make these a regular part of your life so you can carry them into pregnancy. Information on the importance of detoxification, what kind is right for you and when is the optimal time to detox.

Month 3: Knowledge about chemicals and toxins that may be lurking in your regular household items such as laundry detergent, beauty products and even cookware- how they may be hurting your fertility and how to replace them with safe options.

Wrap up call: A time to ask any final questions and address any specific concerns.

Dates and time: April 2nd, April 30th, June 4th, June 25th at 7pm EST.


Access to monthly fitness challenges led by a team of fitness coaches to keep you motivated, inspired and accountable for getting plenty of exercise.

A private Facebook group for members of the fertility program for added support from other women on the same path. This is a great place to ask questions and be supported between coaching calls.

Total 3-Month Fertility Wellness and Coaching Program Cost – $150

To Get Started email me at [email protected] and we’ll set up a 15 minute phone call to find the best program for your needs!


Optional Program Maximizer – Daily Vegan Super Food Shake and Fitness Program

* Daily vegan super food shakes that will provide you with the perfect combination of nutrients and minerals plus 70 super-foods. This includes adaptogenic herbs to help your body deal with stress, improve the health of your adrenal system and boost immunity. A blend of super greens including mineral rich sea vegetables to optimize the daily detoxification process. Vegan protein blend to help reduce cravings of unhealthy snacks. An antioxidant blend to promote heart health, and finally a pre and pro-biotic for enhanced digestion, and reduced heartburn.

* Additional cost for daily shakes.

For maximum results recommended as a daily supplement. Comes as a 30-day supply. If cost does not allow for daily use, minimum recommended supplement of every other day for optimal program results. Monthly supply of Vegan Shakeology Super Food shake – $130 per month.

Upgrade Option

 Step up to the challenge with a Beach Body Fitness program, and get your body in the best shape to support you during pregnancy. Prices vary depending on program and monthly sales incentives. Lets talk about what your fitness goals are to find you the right fit.

The challenge packs include a 30-day supply of Vegan Shakeology Super Food Shakes.

Recommended programs to use before and during pregnancy:

21 Day Fix Challenge Pack

A great mix of workouts to get you in the best shape to carry your baby. Includes fat blasting cardio, resistance training, yoga and Pilates so you have a different workout to choose from every day. Challenge all your muscle groups while getting leaner and stronger all in a 30-minute workout. Includes exercise DVDs and food containers to help with portion control.


PiYo Challenge Pack

The best way to get a lean and defined physique with a low impact mix of pilates and yoga. No jumps, weights or straining your joints.   You will work your core muscles and get them ready to carry a baby. Includes 8 different workouts ranging from 25-45 minutes.


Cize Challenge Pack

Cize is a great cardio dance workout that you will be able to continue throughout your entire pregnancy. Stay in the best shape possible with 6 different dance workouts ranging from 30-45 minutes. Increase your stamina and health while pregnant and shed extra pounds before conception.


To Get Started email me at [email protected] and we’ll set up a 15 minute phone call to find the best program for your needs!




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