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Got an hour to waste? Buy a video baby monitor!

I’m not sure what possessed me to register for one of these instead of a regular baby monitor. I guess I just thought I could sneak a peak at Annabelle if she started fussing to make sure she was ok. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that it would suck me in like reality TV. Turning the video monitor on is something I can’t control and I can’t stop.

Annabelle will fuss a little and turn herself over and she sleeps just like I do, on her tummy with her face just slightly turned. If you see this on the monitor it looks an awful lot like her face is being smushed into the crib. So I stare at the screen to make sure she’s breathing because I don’t want to go in and wake her up. I can’t hear her breathing because she falls a sleep with a lullaby cd on so I have to resort to watching her little body to make sure it’s moving.

If you turn the video on every time your little one makes a peep you’ll drive yourself crazy. We all know that as a new mom (or even a not new mom) we don’t need to spend time staring at a screen when we could be sleeping. I just can’t help myself. So whenever I see her sleeping on her belly face down instead of staring at the screen for signs of movement I go in and move her head. I’m sure she loves it. So if you’re thinking of buying one save your money or buy something else instead, you’ll sleep better at night if you’re not staring at a screen.


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