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Food Wars – Days 6-7

Day 6 was a little bit hectic. Again scrambled eggs and coconut oil covered waffles for breakfast. Not very exciting.

Annabelle goes to daycare from 9-3 on Tuesdays over the summer so that mommy can catch up on her reality TV  write, blog, cook, organize, workout and get massages. Apparently spending time at home with mommy isn’t as stimulating to her as being at school so she’s not as tired at night and wants to stay up later and then wake up late (7am is considered late around here). We were running a little late since I didn’t make Annabelles lunch box the night before (I was busy watching the bachelorette). So there are no pictures of the perfectly packed lunchbox that she took with her. If there’s anything I’ve learned though what matters isn’t what goes in the lunchbox it’s what comes back. I usually send a few whole grain crackers, maybe some organic animal crackers or snap pea crisps and sometimes a veggie burger or the beloved spinach cake and leftovers. This is what she took to school with her:

Snacks: Pumpkin protein brownies, maple cranberry granola and dates

lunch: leftover apple sausage bites, cherries and oven roasted carrots

this is what came back  


she ate all of the chicken apple sausage! it looks like she might have eaten, or possibly thrown, a few carrots and not touched the cherries. But there was spinach in the chicken apple sausage bites so I’m a happy mama!

Dinner was a different story. I made brown rice and added shredded zucchini and carrots to it, sauteed zucchini, asparagus and mushroom and baked Salmon. Annabelle didn’t want to sit for dinner, she wanted to re-arrange her furniture and push it around the tile and BOOM! She fell face first on the tile and then began all the screaming and she has a big bruise on her forehead. Poor baby, so what better after a big fall than to nurse? Ay. Eventually she ended up taking a bite of rice and polishing it off and having a refill. Needless to say she didn’t touch anything else. Annabelle used to love salmon, it used to be one of those foods that I knew she’d always eat. Sadly for me now it’s just another food that she won’t lay a finger on.

Day 7 

Another fabulous day. I can’t believe it’s been a week and we’re still going strong! Annabelle has had nothing from the freezer and I’ve gotten past my fear of her starving. As picky as Annabelle is she has finally tried new things, even if she still flat out refuses others. I’m so proud I got her to eat another nutritional powerhouse, Avocado! Even if it was disguised as chocolate pudding! 


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