An Angel Gets Her Wings July 28, 2014

Back in 2006 while living in New York City and attending the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I met a girl named Jessica. She lived in Chicago but came into NYC on class weekends to attend IIN. There was a little group of us who sat next to each other, ate lunch together and bonded over [...]

Sweet Butternut Squash July 25, 2014

This is a very simple recipe you can make with any root vegetable, my favorites are winter squashes and sweet potatoes. It makes a wonderful side dish and works great as part of a vegan meal with some steamed kale and chickpeas! Ingredients 1 butternut squash 2 tbsp. coconut oil 1 tbsp. maple syrup salt [...]

3 Super-foods for Moms July 23, 2014

Becoming a mom can be stressful, exhausting and exciting all at the same time. Now is the time to focus all your energy on getting to know your new bundle of joy. Eating nutrient-rich foods will not only maximize your energy but also ensure that both you and baby are getting plenty of nutrients. If [...]

The Perfect Roasted Chicken July 18, 2014

There is no smell more delicious than that of a roasting chicken. This recipe is very simple to put together and pairs nicely with a light summer salad or with some root vegetables in the winter. Ingredients: 1 whole roasting chicken 2 tbsp. grass fed butter 1 tbsp. rosemary 1/4 tsp. thyme 1 lemon salt [...]

Potato Chips! July 11, 2014

Who doesn’t love a delicious, salty, crunchy potato chip? Sadly most potato chips are made from unhealthy ingredients and potatoes happen to be one of the most sprayed crops around so they’re chock full of pesticides. That means that if you do splurge on potato chips or french fries every once in a while go [...]

10 Tricks to Save Time in the Kitchen July 7, 2014

Cooking is by far one of my favorite things. I love experimenting with new recipes, flipping through cookbooks and playing with flavor profiles. The only problem is that sometimes I’m short on time and cleaning, prepping and cooking can take more time than I have. I’ve discovered a few tricks that can help me streamline [...]

Apple Radish Salad July 3, 2014

This is a great, light summer side salad and would make a great addition to a barbecue so in honor of the 4th of July this weeks Food Friday post is posting on Thursday so you can run and get all the ingredients to make this tomorrow.  Wishing everyone a fabulous holiday weekend! Ingredients 1 [...]

Is your Deodorant Toxic? July 2, 2014

It’s summer so we’re all a little bit hot, sweaty and maybe stinkier than usual. This is the time of year where many women start browsing the aisles for a stronger deodorant. Something that will keep us smelling as sweet as roses on a mid summer night.¬†Antiperspirants work to block perspiration by blocking the pores [...]

Lemon Quinoa Pancakes June 27, 2014

This is a great recipe if you’re a quinoa fan. You can even change the ingredients around and turn it into a savory pancake with a little parmesan cheese and sea salt if you’d like. We made this lemon version for breakfast and it was delicious! Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups cooked quinoa 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon [...]

How Sunscreen Can Increase Cancer Risk June 24, 2014

Summer is finally here and if you spend any time at the park or the beach chances are you can smell the sunscreen in the air. Most of us have been brainwashed on how important sunscreen is that we don’t typically think about what’s in sunscreen, we just think we need it to help protect [...]