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Baby Milestones

I’ve been so busy trying to deal with Annabelles separation anxiety and terrible sleeping habits that I haven’t shared any milestones! She’ll be 7 months in just a few days (on the 19th) and she is sitting up all by herself, going from crawling or laying down to sitting, pulling herself up to standing in her crib and doing an awful lot of crawling. Annabelle is more of fan of commando crawling and doesn’t seem too worried about getting up on her hands and knees since she gets around so fast on her belly. I’m doing lots of crossing the midline exercises with her to try to encourage crawling before walking, hopefully it works.

Annabelle has also found her voice and loooves to say mamamamama babababbaba and dadadadada that’s a recent upgrade from blowing bubbles. What else? She picks up finger foods and puts them in her mouth on her own and we’re recently gotten rid of the pacifier except for nap time and nighttime. She doesn’t seem to miss it and sometimes even falls asleep without it (that is when she decides to sleep). She’s perfect in every way! And she has 2 perfect little teeth and is teething once again so it looks like more are on the way. Surely that will make nursing even more fun since she’s learned to bite with those sharp little teeth of hers.


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