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My Vitamin Chest

Vitamins and supplements are very individual and depend on a variety of factors. When I design a supplement regimen for a client some of the things I take into account are: age, sex, current deficiencies, health problems and risk factors. Dose is also dependent on the same list of factors and what you’re looking to […]

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Non-Toxic Cleaners

Ready to invest some time in spring cleaning but don’t want to inhale or touch all the chemicals? Or maybe, like me, you have a very curious toddler who likes to look in all your drawers and cabinets and prefer to be safe than sorry. I try to keep everything out of reach but I still […]

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Easter Candy Alternatives

It seems like every holiday is another excuse to give kids candy. Cookies for Christmas, chocolate for Valentines Day and now jelly beans and chocolate bunnies for Easter.  I won’t give Annabelle a basket revolving around highly processed sugar filled treats made with refined flour and high fructose corn syrup.  There are plenty of other […]

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There’s an App for What?!?

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know a lot about technology (my brother can attest to that). I don’t own an iphone either so I really don’t know much about apps. Recently I came across an app that caught my eye and I’m not yet sure how I feel about it. It’s […]

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Annabelle’s Lunch Box

Preparing lunches is no quick task in my house. I wish it was. I wish I could just throw something together and be done with it so I could move on to doing something more fun. I’m pretty OCD about making sure that everybody has a lunchbox full of healthy food to take with them […]

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Home-made cleaning

As I’ve been going deeper into my old ways of eating I dug up some old recipes and created some new ones. Cooking has been a lot more fun nowadays since Annabelle can actually eat most of what I make. Annabelle loves picking up her food and feeding herself and usually tries to take the […]

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