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The Monsanto Post

Surely you heard that last Wednesday when Americans were busy fighting about gay marriage Obama signed the Monsanto Protection Act. The short version of what this means for us is that the federal courts will no longer have the right to stop the planting and sale of GMO seed crop regardless of any health concerns that they may pose. So no matter the side effects of their little seeds they will still be sold and mostly unlabeled in our food supply.

So what’s the big deal with GMO’s?

1.Their DNA is spliced with genes from bacteria or viruses or genes that make plants resistant to toxic chemicals. These genes are manmade, created in 1996 and have no business being in the our food.

2. There have been NO long-term human safety studies on the potential risks of GMOs AND most of the research that has been done shows potentially harmful effects. If that doesn’t bother you then go ahead and add some gasoline to your diet, I heard it’ll make you run faster. It might kill you but there isn’t any proof that it will. Keep in mind that it took decades to figure out the harmful effects of trans-fats.

3. According to the American Academy of Environemtal Medicine  “Animal studies indicate serious health risks associated with GM food,” including reproductive problems, compromised immunity, accelerated aging, blood sugar imbalances and harm to major organs. And “GM foods pose a serious health risk in the areas of toxicology, allergy and immune function, reproductive health, and metabolic, physiologic and genetic health.” To read more of their findings GO HERE.

4. Even organic, non gmo-crops are at risk because of cross-contamination. And since they are spliced with super mutant genes they will require even more pesticide and toxic spraying which will increase polution.

Now What?

My hope is that now you want to avoid GMO’s. The easiest way is to buy certified organic. Here’s what to look for in organic from an article from the Weston A. Price Foundation

“There are three types of organic labels:

  1. “100% organic” means all ingredients are organic
  2. “Organic” means that at least 95% of the ingredients are organic. The other 5%, however, still have to be non-GMO
  3. “Made with organic (ingredient name, such as soy)” This label means that at least 70 percent of the ingredients are organic, but the remaining 30 percent still have to be non-GMO.

If the term organic is only in the list of ingredients and not found anywhere else on the package, then there is no required overall percentage for organic ingredients in the product, and any non-organic ingredient may be GMO.”

Avoid at-risk ingredients. The 7 GM crops are: soy, corn, cottonseed, canola, Hawaiian papaya and some zucchini and yellos crook neck squah so ALWAYS buy these organic. It’s just not worth the risk not to. Don’t worry about seedless watermelos, tangelos or even pear/apple combinations – they are naturally bred and contain no GMOs. From my understanfing the oh so famous cuties are also selectivley bred and not spliced with dangerous genes/toxins.

This Weston A. Price article is a must read on how to avoid GMOs.

This is another great list of the top 10 foods to avoid.  The list includes dairy and aspartame. So ditch the soda because there’s gmo corn in your regular soda and theres gmo ingredients in your diet soda. You’d be surprised at just how many foods soy and corn are snuck into. I bet you didn’t think it could be in your milk or soda.

What about Grocery and non-food “food items”

There’s GMOs in there too. You have to read every label. GMOs are everywhere, even in the corn that was fed to that steak you had for dinner last night.

This is a list of Monsanto owned companies to avoid:

  • Aunt Jemima
  • Quaker
  • Betty Crocker
  • General Mills
  • Bisquick
  • Duncan Hines
  • Hungry Jack
  • Jiffy
  • Ms. Butterworths
  • Pepperidge Farms
  • Campbells
  • Aurora Foods
  • Kraft/Phillip Morris
  • Post cereals
  • Hershey’s Nestle
  • Carnation
  • Holsum
  • Interstate Bakeries
  • Best Foods
  • Knorr
  • Kellogs
  • Nature Valley
  • Nabisco
  • Pillsbury
  • Heinz
  • Hellmans
  • Hunts
  • KC Masterpiece
  • Frito-lay/ Pepsi
  • Delicious
  • Famous Amos
  • Keebler/Flowers Industries
  • Banquet
  • Green Giant
  • Healthy Choice
  • ConAgra
  • Kid Cuisine
  • Stouffers
  • Lean Cuisine
  • Marie Callenders
  • Ore-ida
  • Smart Ones
  • Power Bar
  • Chef Boyardee
  • Hormel
  • Loma Linda
  • Morningstar
  • Lipton
  • Unilever
  • Uncle Ben’s
  • Rice-a-roni/Pasta roni
  • Tombstone Pizza
  • Totinos
  • Orville Redenbacher
  • Pop Secret
  • Pringles
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Coca Cola
  • Minute Made
  • Pepsi
  • Cadbury/Sweppes
  • Capri-sun
  • Cool-aid
  • Ocean Spray
  • V-8
  • Prego Pasta Sauce
  • Ragu Sauce

My biggest problem with GMOs being allowed in the food supply is that I don’t believe we should have to do this much research to find out if something we want to eat could possibly kill us. It’s like believing in the underlying good of all people, you just want to believe that the FDA wouldn’t allow something potentially harmful into the food supply at all. But they do. Did you know that Michael Taylor, the former VP of Monsanto is now the Deputy Comissioner of Foods for the FDA. There’s nothing wrong with that right?

Are you as mad as I am yet? Stay tuned to my blog and facebook page to stay informed and for ways on how we can fight back.

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