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Taking care of little teeth

Now that Annabelle has cute little teeth I need to figure out how to take care of them. You probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you how many of my PK kids at school have rotted out all their teeth and already have caps, so maybe I’m overly paranoid. I tend to be overly paranoid about pretty much everything that has to do with Annabelle though, I’m very much aware of that fact.

There’s so much stuff on the market to sucker paranoid parents like me into buying. I bought Earths Best infant toothpaste and brush and Spiffies tooth wipes. Annabelle doesn’t mind the brush (you put it on your finger) but she’s not a fan of the cleaning towels (I don’t think she likes the taste). I did ask my pediatrician at our 6 month visit and he said that cleaning the teeth and gums once a day with a little towel or even just a clean finger is all you need to do at first. I still use either the wipes or the brush and I do morning and night but we’ve already established that I’m crazy. I still can’t believe that Annabelle has teeth already!!

April 18, 2024 at 6:17 am
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