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Sugar, Sugar, Where are you Hiding?

Sometimes even the best intentions are paved in sugar. You might be trying to make all the best choices, choosing whole grains, or looking for labels that read ‘all-natural’ or ‘organic’ or even just eating a lot of delicious summer fruits to help keep you cool. You probably never thought about the sugar lurking in these foods. Sugar you never thought you were eating that may be hurting your weight loss efforts, adding extra pounds or even worse hurting your health by putting your body through insulin spikes and blood sugar crashes that will put you on the path to diabetes and obesity.

Processed foods are the worst offenders, especially those labeled ‘non-fat’, hopefully you avoid those but if you don’t hopefully you read the labels. Especially if you’re feeding children. The amount of sugar in popular kids foods, especially breakfast cereals, will make you re-think what you’re putting in your bowl and hopefully help you ban cereal, and other highly processed nutritionally void foods, from your diet.

If you’re curious as to where the sugar is hiding and what you can do to eliminate some of it from your diet read my Fox News article on hidden sources of sugar.



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