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Love it or Leave it? Learning Tower

Wow it’s been a little bit since the last post. Days have come and gone and between the gorgeous weather, getting back into the swing of the school year and life I guess I haven’t written. I didn’t realize how long it’d been.

So what exactly is a learning tower? The best way to describe it would be to say that it’s like a giant step stool that has 4 sides and no steps. Did that make sense? The idea is it’s a little tower for your toddler to stand in so that they can reach a counter, or a sink without you having to hold them up. It works for toddlers that are still too short for a regular step stool to be helpful and is safe for a toddler to stand in without worrying about them stepping back and falling.

This is what it looks like and if you search on a site like amazon you’re sure to find a few different vendors for a range of different prices, none of them cheap. They range from about $113- $200. Some look sturdy and some make me a little nervous just looking a them.

I thought about buying this for a while before I finally decided to take the plunge and pull out my credit card. After going back to daycare full time Annabelle becomes very demanding, she wants one on one attention non-stop, and who can blame her? We usually get home and sit on the floor and play or run around the yard for awhile before I even attempt to get anything started for dinner. Some days she’s fine with just playing on her own, and others she is glued to my hip and makes cooking really difficult. So I figured that maybe, if I got her a learning tower she might ‘help’ me cook. We decided on getting the Little Partners Learning Tower because it looked the sturdiest.

The verdict?

Annabelle is my favorite little sous-chef. She is usually content with stnading in her learning tower and helping me do whatever I’m doing. She has gotten really good at taking things off the cutting board and putting them into the food processor, she helps me press buttons and mix things and she like to have her own bowl and spoon of something to mix and try and say “mmmmm” . Just like mommy. She especially loves working at the sink with the water running and squeezing water out of the sponge.

  I love it and I think it is worth every penny. My hope is that she will use it for a long time.

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