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Healing Benefits of Tea

There are so many different types of teas, lots of delicious flavors to choose from and even better they come with a variety of health benefits. Here’s a great little list that will help you find the right type of tea to provide you with the healing properties you need.
Caffeinated Teas
Black Tea. In my opinion this is the best tasting of the caffeinated teas, especially with a splash of organic cream, probably because it has the closest flavor profile to coffee, which I love and it has the highest caffeine content. It’s made with fermented tea leaves and studies have shown that it can protect lungs from damage caused by exposure to cigarette smoke.
Green Tea. Known as a powerful healing tea its high antioxidant levels may even interfere with the growth of cancer – including bladder, breast, lung, stomach and colorectal. It may also counteract oxidative stress on the brain which can reduce the risk of neurological disorders, like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and can even prevent clogged arteries while burning fat.
White Tea. This tea has a much milder flavor and less caffeine but it has higher levels of antioxidants than green or black tea. A study found white tea to have the most powerful anticancer properties when compared to more processed teas and it may help improve glucose tolerance and reduce LDL cholesterol.
Non-caffineated Healing Tea
Chamomile. We all know this as a relaxing tea that’s great for promoting sleep. It also helps with indigestion and has anti-inflamatory and antibacterial properties that can help reduce stomach cramps, stomach ache, bloating, gas heartburn. Those with migraines can find better sleep since it relaxes muscles and helps relaxation. It’s a great choice for diabetics since it can help lower blood sugar.
Dandelion Root. The perfect tea to take during a cleanse or during the spring when it’s the best time for the body to naturally detox. It stimulates the liver, is a great blood builder and is high in iron and zinc.
Marshmallow Root. It’s been used as a medicinal tea for over 2,000 years thanks to its mucilage which helps coat the digestive tract, soothes the stomach and helps coat the respiratory system and soothe a sore throat and bronchitis.
Ginger. A great choice after a heavy meal since it helps absorb and digest food and is wonderful for soothing stomach aches and bloating that comes from overeating.
Echinacea. An immune booster that can help fight colds, flus, infections and other respiratory ailments. It can also alleviate swollen glands and sore throats.
Red Raspberry Leaf. One of the best choices for women, especially during pregnancy. High in vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, iron and B vitamins which makes it helpful for nausea, leg cramps and improved sleep. It helps strengthen the uterus and pelvic muscles can help lead to shorter and easier labor and benefits the reproductive system.
Hibiscus. This great tasting tea has antioxidant properties that can slow down the growth of pre-cancerous cells and can help lower blood pressure. Its high level of vitamin C, which can help boost the immune system.
The next time you’re in the mood for a nice, warm drink take a glance at the different health benefits these teas can give you and start improving your health one sip at a time.

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