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Food Wars – Day One

Thursday was the first day of the our food war. All real fresh food, or nothing. I was terrified that Annabelle would either not eat anything at all and be terribly grumpy and irritated or that she’d decide she would just nurse all day instead of eating.

Here’s what happened…

She nursed in the morning as usual and then we took the dogs for a walk. I gave her a snack cup with come raspberries and raisins in it. She picked at it on our walk and then had some left when we got home and was picking at it while I made her breakfast. I thought she had eaten the raspberries… but she threw them out through the dog door.

I made gave her a bowl of fruit salad and a slice of sprouted Ezekiel bread with coconut oil. The fruit wasn’t touched but she was more than happy to eat the toast with coconut oil, one of her favorite foods.

We went to the museum with a friend that morning and took some snacks which she didn’t want anything to do with. I had some trail mix with coconut, chopped nuts, raisins and date (she picked out the raisins), some carrots made with coconut oil and cinnamon which she used to love and some peas. nothing except a few raisins…

After nap she had a late lunch and I made her a variety plate with lots of options to choose from in hopes that something would tickle her fancy. Edamame, organic chicken-apple sausage, carrots, blueberry yogurt, fruit salad and guacamole. She took one bite of the yogurt and fed the chicken sausage to the dogs.

By this point she was starving, refusing to eat and just wanting to nurse. Surprisingly she didn’t try to break into the pantry. I tried to hold out in hopes that she would eat something, but then this happened…

So I let her nurse. Seriously, how could anyone with a heart say no to that face?

I felt terrible that she still hadn’t eaten anything so I put her on my hip and had her help me make a smoothie. Annabelle is an incredibly good helper. We mixed whole, plain organic yogurt, blueberries, strawberries and mango nectar.

Annabelle took a sip, made a disgusted face and handed it back to me. I sipped it while we played outside. Thanks for the snack Annabelle, it was delicious!

And then it was dinner time. I made a whole chicken in the  crock pot, broccoli and snap peas, butternut squash and brown rice. She was so hungry that she ate chicken while I was carving it and making our plates. Annabelle hasn’t had chicken in at least a month. She ate chicken!!! She even ate some off my plate.

I chopped up broccoli and snap peas in the food processor and mixed it in her rice. She didn’t eat it, or any of the veggies. But that’s ok because she ate chicken!! finally!

After cleaning up dinner she pointed to a bag of organic, unsweetened coconut that was sitting on the counter from when I made her trail mix that morning.

Annabelle sat on the floor in the kitchen and happily ate her coconut while I did the dishes.

Day one is over! Not too much was eaten but only 1 meltdown isn’t too bad in my book. Hopefully tomorrow will be better…

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