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Fitness Challenge: Week 1

Now that you’ve gathered all of your equipment and watched all the videos I posted last week and hopefully practiced a kettle bell swing or two it’s time to start.

The Challenge is going to be 6 weeks and it’s short and sweet so it can easily be included into your current routine. It’s 2 days with the kettle bell and an optional 3rd day without it which won’t be nearly as intense. If you’re going to skip a day choose the optional workout to skip since it will always be the least challenging.

Warm-up before each workout:

  • 50 jump-ropes
  • 20 air squats
  • 20 sit-ups
  • 20 walking lunges

Day 1:

Do as many kettle-bell swings as you can without stopping. As soon as you have to break you’re done. Write this # down somewhere!!!


Day 2:

Many thanks to Dane for the inspiration. I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did.

Set a timer for 10 minutes. Do as many rounds as possible in the 10 minutes. You can NOT put the kettle bell down during a round, if you do put it down the round doesn’t count and you’ll have to start all over. You can rest between rounds. Keep track of how many rounds you did.


Optional Day: 

3 rounds. Try to keep your rest to between the rounds.

  • 50 jump-ropes
  • 15 burpees
  • 15 push ups

And there you have week 1. Share your results for your workout in the comments so we can help motivate each other and that way you won’t lose your numbers, you’ll want to look at them at the end of the 6 weeks!

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