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Do you move your energy?

Move my energy? You might be wondering what that even means! Well, it’s a very important part of staying healthy, reducing stress, boosting our immune system and staying connected to the universe- that which is greater than us.

We live in a very physical world, we workout to feel good, have more energy and look good. We eat foods that help nourish us, keep us healthy and again hopefully help us look good. We work hard so that we can make money and buy all the little things that we think we need, we share affection with loved ones through hugs, kisses and touch to create a physical connection but we are more than just our physical bodies.

Our bodies are so much more complex than just the physicality of it. We are living, breathing beings and we need energy to keep us alive. That’s where body work comes into play. That’s one of the reasons that yoga is so popular and makes you feel oh so good- it moves energy around in our bodies that some other forms of exercise can not. It gives us a chance to connect with spirit, with the universe, with whatever is greater than us out there in the universe- it is an essential part of who we are as human beings.

Yoga isn’t the only way to move energy around. In fact there are so many different kinds, some you can have other people work on for you and others that you can do yourself. Why is it so important? I believe that emotions can get become stagnant energy if we don’t work through them, if we don’t release them, which unfortunately most of us aren’t great at. Storing stagnant energy in the body can lead to disease and not feeling your best. Looking at the body in a holistic way helps you realize that there is so much more to being healthy than just working out or eating healthy food- it’s a combination of so many more things. Our emotions, our energy, the feelings we hold on to for years and years that we can’t seem to release and that only cause us more harm.

Moving your body around in a way that releases tension and energy is something I believe everyone will benefit from. SO what can you do? There are so many different options- here are a few of my favorites.

Massage. I mean seriously, who doesn’t love a good massage?It loosens up the muscles, helps you destress and shifts some energy around in the body. If you think massage is something people do only to be indulgent think again. Take a read at my post about 5 reasons you should make massage a regular part of your life. 

Acupuncture is one of my favorites because it can help release and create new energy flow in certain parts of the body where you most need it. If you work with a well trained acupuncturist they will read your pulse, look at your tongue and ask the right questions to give them an idea of whats going on. Maybe you have a congested liver that makes it difficult for your body to release toxins and can impact things such as your period. Or maybe you have a weak kidney pulse which according to Traditional Chinese Medicine your kidneys are your main source of life and energy- maybe that’s the reason you’ve been feeling sluggish and unmotivated to do much of anything. Sticking a needle into the very right spot will create a quick energy shift in the short term- that’s why you have to continue to go consistently. Acupuncture has become so popular as a way to heal the mind and body that community acupuncture has popped up all over the country and provides a very affordable option, take a look and see if there’s one in your area. I was first introduced to community Acupuncture while living in Fort Worth Texas and it makes a difference when you can afford to go on a regular basis instead of just once a month or every 2 months.

Arvigo Therapy is amazing body work for women. It consists of abdominal massage that can help rebalance a women reproductive organs and help move lymph through the area and bring in fresh blood flow to the area. It can help loosen up old adhesions from pelvic surgery such as c-sections, endometriosis, fibroid tumors and urinary and bladder problems. It can even help men get blood flow to the prostate area and prevent swelling and inflammation. To learn more and find a practitioner near you take a look at the Arvigo Therapy Technique website.

Qi Gong is an ancient form of Chinese health care which in english means “Life energy cultivation”. If helps us create an awareness of our bodies that we simply don’t get with other forms of exercise. It is said to help maintain health, reconnect with our bodies and spirits and calm the mind. You can find out more about Qigong here. 

Meridian Exercises are a great way to balance your energy and your internal organs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is known as an ancient healing art and you can do this on your own without any help. It is thought that there are specific meridian points are energy flows in the body and correspond to different internal organs – stretching them will move energy and can bring healing and renewal through the specific stretches. For maximum benefits you should make them a regular part of your life and practice them daily. You can find several meridian stretching videos on You Tube- this Basic Yoga Meridian Stretch Sequence is a good one to start with.

These are just a few ways to move your energy around. Try some of them and see if they resonate with you, hopefully you’ll find something that you can make a regular part of your life.

I’m curious if you incorporate any of these, or any others, into your life? I’d love to hear from you!


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