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An easy guide to Essential Oils

If one of your health goals is to stop taking over the counter medications or learn more about home remedies then essential oils are a great place to start. The right oil can help with anything from headaches, muscle aches and even diaper rash. They are wonderful and effective to use both on babies and on adults and once you start playing with essential oils you’ll love creating your own combinations.

Here is a great, simple guide that I wrote on how you can use essential oils on your baby.

This is an article I wrote on the 5 best essential oils for beginners. They’re what I like to call the gateway oils – they’re so versatile you can use them for almost anything, you can even replace your household cleaning products and use some of these oils to get your house germ free instead. Regular use of these oils will probably get you hooked on essential oils and curious to continue experimenting with them.

For even more natural remedies make sure to bookmark this blog post on how to create an unconventional first aid kit  with tips from to remove splinters to how to reduce bloating.

What are your favorite essential oils or natural remedies?

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