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5 Favorite Paleo Breakfasts. so far.

Recently I’ve gotten more serious about my workouts, and my eating. Some of it is because at nearly 2 years after giving birth to the most amazing little girl on this planet I still haven’t lost the baby weight and the other reason is because my body started craving a more intense workout.

Back when I was a full time personal trainer at Workout RD in the Dominican Republic I used to move around some heavy weights. That’s where through working with some truly amazing people I learned the value of a very heavy, very deep squat and the amazing feeling of bench pressing something you never thought you could lift. That was almost 8 years and a whole lifetime ago but it’s stayed with me. Sadly I haven’t done much heavy lifting since Annabelle was born. Until I found cross fit.

I was doing high cardio workout videos late at night after Annabelle was in bed and eventually, of course, I burned out and my body started craving heavy weights. So as I started trying to find the best studio for what I was looking for, somewhere with the kind of atmosphere of where I trained others, I stumbled across Cross fit and decided that with my very limited time that just might be the way to go. And now I’m hooked. This week I back squatted 110lbs, not bad for someone who’s been away from lifting for so long. And it felt amazing. Yesterday I sprinted, thrusted, and swong some kettlebells around. I feel stronger, and healthier and maybe even a little sexier.

And with feeling better and working out more comes the body’s natural desire to eat healthier, which brings me to Paleo. I’ve written a little about it in this post and I’m by no means an expert on it and I’m still struggling my way through it but I’m finding it easier and easier as my body starts to feel better, and stronger. At first I was struggling through breakfasts, but over the past few days I’ve stumbled across some quick and easy breakfasts. Here are some of my favorites:

1. Scrambled eggs with guacamole

2. Apple slices with almond butter and sprinkled with shredded coconut

3. 1/2 of a mashed banana mixed with 1 tbsp. almond butter and shredded coconut

4. Coconut Pancakes (that we all shared and my picky toddler and coconut hating husband even ate without complaining) with fresh strawberries

5. Pureed butternut squash with coconut oil and cinnamon.

Since I’m still new at this I’m still learning but surely I’ll be posting more soon. I do have a special place in my heart for pancakes. Annabelle loves them and you can make huge batches and freeze them which makes for a very quick breakfast if you happen to be in a hurry like I usually am. If you have any favorite recipes please share them! Breakfast or not.


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