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Who’s afraid of a little butter?

Well that depends. Are we talking about the white butter on the left or the yellow butter on the right?

Butter has vitamins A and D and even butyric acid which has been found to help fight cancer. Fat helps build cell walls and fight immunity and you need fat to digest fat soluble vitamins. Butter also happens to be one of the best fats to sautee and roast with since it’s heat stable and won’t become rancid at high temperatures. Believe it or not butter even contains omega-3 fatty acids and lauric acid (also found in coconut oil and breast milk) which can help fight viruses. Are both these butters created equal? No. The yellow butter on the right is the one with omega-3’s and lauric acid, from pastured cows. The white butter on the right is from traditional factory farmed cows.

If you can’t find butter made from raw milk the next best choice is butter from pastured cows, organic un-pastured cows is next on the list and then butter from regular factory farmed cows, just know that it comes without omega 3’s and a nice serving of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Either way, butter, even from factory farmed cows is better than margarine or butter replacement spreads that come in tubs. Those aren’t real foods they are man made food replacements that wreak havoc on our bodies and hormones. It’s even better than canola oil which is usually hydrogenated and soybean oil which is hydrogenated (hydrogenated oils increase LDL and lower HDL). Don’t be fooled into thinking that because it’s a ‘vegetable oil’ it’s good for you, it’s not. So next time you roast some vegetables add a pat of butter and feel good knowing that it will taste better and help you better absorb the vitamins.

FYI: The beautiful yellow butter on the right is Organic Valley Pastured Butter that I got at the best store on earth: Whole Foods!!


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