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Drink your fruits and veggies

I grew up with home made juice. We had fresh squeezed orange juice every morning and my mom had a champion juicer that she would maraw fruit and vegetable juices with. As a kid my all time favorite was watermelon, it still is one of my favorites on a hot summers day.

Since moving out and living on my own I’ve owned a few juicers and am now the proud owner of a vitamix. I love the ease of throwing everything into the vitamix and making a smoothie using veggies and frozen fruits. Since getting the vitamin my juicer has mostly collected cobwebs in the pantry but every once in a while I do get a juice craving. The only bottled juice you’ll ever find in my house is coconut water, if you even count that as juice. I love the taste of home made juice and I want Annabelle to grow up on it too. I love mixing different fruits and vegetables but I do have a few combinations that I tend to keep going back to and this is one of them.

1/2 head red cabbage

2 handfuls organic baby carrots

1 orange

1 organic red apple

2 celery sticks

1 handful of kale

If your not a nursing mom add a few spring a parsley for an extra fresh taste

Drop everything into the juicer and voila! Deliciously nutritious home made juice. does it get any better than this? If only someone else would clean my mess…



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