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Annabelle friendly restaurants

As Annabelle has now entered the world of finger foods and apparently thinks she’s too big to be fed with a spoon we have opened up a whole new world. At home all the meat and chicken we eat is organic, antibiotic and hormone free and grass fed when possible so that’s all Annabelle has had. While that’s how we eat at home I much prefer to go and enjoy a meal in the company of friends than sit at home eating grass fed steak and soaked brown rice. I believe there has to be a balance and as long as 90% of what I eat is as good for me as I can control I tend not to worry about the other 10% too much.So if you invite us for dinner we will be more than happy to put aside our food guidelines for a night for the sake of good company with friends. Not so for Annabelle! At least not yet. Children are a lot more susceptible to the negative effects of pesticides antibiotics and hormones so I would rather keep her away from it as much as possible.

That doesn’t mean I won’t ever take her to a restaurant, she has actually already enjoyed carnitas and guacamole from Chipotle and pasta at Nonna Tattas. I’m just more careful about what she eats and make sure that any meat or chicken is at the very least antibiotic and hormone free. When in doubt she will get a vegetarian meal.

So I’ve started putting together a list of Annabelle friendly restaurants in the Fort Worth area where she can have more than a vegetarian meal. This is what I’ve found so far in Fort Worth. Please add to the list if you know of any others, the more the merrier!

Chipotle: meat and dairy from animals raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. They are still working on the transition to getting all the chicken without antibiotics. We like to be on the safe side and stick to carnitas.

Bonnells: Grass fed beef, antibiotic and hormone free and local produce.

Spiral diner: organic, vegan cuisine. Delicious desserts too!

Panera bread: they have a few antibiotic free chicken dishes, make sure to double check what you’re getting, i don’t think their meat is antibiotic free.

Cafe modern: cage free eggs, humanely treated chicken and beef with no antibiotics or growth hormones! No high fructose corn syrup anywhere on the menu.

Kincaids hamburgers: all natural, grass fed, no antibiotics, growth hormones or preservatives. Beef is ground fresh daily and never frozen and its an insanley good burger! the onion rings are pretty tasty too!

Nonna tatta: We don’t eat the meat there but we do eat and love the pasta there, just stick with the vegetarian options. It’s too good to keep off the list, it’s the only Italian restaurant in Fort Worth so far that lives up to my very picky pasta snob taste buds.

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