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Tips for New Moms

There’s not too much anyone can tell you to prepare you for motherhood. Even if someone did tell you it probably wouldn’t stop you from having kids. And it seems to me that as parents we tend to forget some of the sleepless nights, utter exhaustion, anxiety, and whatever else we suffer through when we see our kids smile at us.

As a first time mom with not much support since we live away from any family I wish I would have had more realistic expectations. Women always talk about how fast it is to loose weight while breastfeeding, no one talks about the fact that some women dont drop a single pound until they’re done. Everyone says you need to sleep when the baby sleeps but no one tells you how to get back into the swing of life when you have this new, tiny, little human to take care of.

I’ve put together some of my best tips. Things I wish I would’ve known before giving birth. I hope these help or you can share them with a first time mom. And please comment and add any tips of your own that you think mamas will benefit from!

May 25, 2023 at 11:26 pm
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