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Local, Healthy, Kid Friendly Eats

As a Holistic Health counselor and a mom who dreams of being the Next Food Network Star healthy, delicious, food is important to me. When we’re at home I make the best choices I can, I choose organic whenever possible and avoid processed and packaged foods as much as possible. I let loose a little when we go out but since having my daughter I’ve been much more conscious of my restaurant choices since children are a lot more susceptible to the negative effects of GMO’s, pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. Annabelle was also recently diagnosed with eczema caused by wheat and dairy, so gluten free restaurants have been high on our priority list as well.

I won’t lie and say we never eat junk food but I have done some research to find some of the healthiest food offerings in Fort Worth. What do I mean by healthy? I’m not talking about counting calories and choosing low-fat options, I’m talking about places that choose local ingredients, organic when possible, animals that are humanely raised and free of antibiotics and hormones. Even places that fry their food in duck fat because believe it or not it’s so much healthier than vegetable oil!

Here is a list of my favorite healthy eats. I’m still relatively new to Fort Worth so if I’ve missed any hidden gems please feel free to comment and tell me what I’m missing!

Chipotle. This is always a great option for a quick meal on the go. The meat and dairy are from animals raised without antibiotics or growth hormones. Chicken is still in the process of being transitioned to antibiotic free. They do use soybean oil in a lot of their food which may contain GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) but according to their website they’re transitioning to rice bran oil in all their locations by the end of the summer.

Spiral Diner. Offers organic, vegan cuisine that is delicious and kid friendly! The desserts are delicious, it’s where we get our cupcakes for birthday parties and they can even make gluten free cupcakes and cakes.

Brewed. My very favorite. The menu changes seasonally and most of their food is farm to table using organic, all natural and hormone free local ingredients. The duck fat fried sweet potatoes are out of this world and it is very kid friendly.

Panera Bread. They have a few antibiotic free chicken dishes, some great salads and great kid friendly options.

Cafe modern. This delicious restaurant offers cage free eggs, humanely treated chicken and beef with no antibiotics or growth hormones. They have a great kids menu and if they get restless you can always go stroll along the grass while you wait for your meal.

Kincaids. These yummy hamburgers are all natural, grass fed, no antibiotics, growth hormones or preservatives. The beef is ground fresh daily and never frozen.

Mellow Mushroom.  Who doesn’t love pizza? These pies have no added sugar, preservatives or additives and the chicken, steak and shrimp are all 100% natural with no preservatives or hormones. Their gluten free pizza is just as delicious!

The Tavern. American cuisine with Southwestern flair they use organic produce, naturally raised meats and sustainable seafood whenever possible. The kids menu has some great sandwich options but nothing gluten free.

Fireside Pies. Offers a great gluten free pizza!

Two other restaurants you might want to save for a kid-free date night are Ellerbe Fine Foods which offers seasonal and local ingredients and Bonnells which is also seasonal, local and serves grass-fed beef from a local farm in Grandview.

I’d love to hear of other delicious, kid friendly restaurants in Fort Worth!

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