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Grocery Storage Tips!

We all want our food to taste delicious but you might not know that the way you store food can affect its shelf life and its flavor? When you’re unpacking your groceries and deciding where to keep things here are some things to keep in mind.

Lets start with what you should keep in the fridge:

Nut butters. Keeping nut butters in the pantry does make them easier to spread but if you’re using natural nut buttes that doesn’t contain preservatives you should be keeping it in the fridge to extend it’s shelf life.

Apples. One of my very favorite fruits, thanks to how long you can keep them around. Apples love the cold and if you store them in the fridge they’ll stay good for about a month, so stock up!

Berries. These delicate little fruits should stay in the fridge, they have such a short shelf life that too much exposure to heat and you’ll have to toss them before you get around to eating them.

Here are some things you shouldn’t refrigerate, and they may surprise you!

Potatoes. The best place to store these to avoid the starches from breaking down is in a cool, dark pantry. The best rule of thumb to know when it’s time to toss them is to look for sprouting- a sure sign that you’ve waited to long to cook them!

Tomatoes. There’s just something about the thought of a cold, mealy tomato that is very unappealing. Instead keep them out, away from direct sunlight, to make the most of the fresh tomato flavor you crave.

Onions. Whole, uncut onions like to live on the counter. Instead of extending their shelf life by keeping them in the fridge you actually end up making them soft and mushy.



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