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Fitness Challenge

I’m so excited that so many of you were into the idea of doing a fitness challenge! A little friendly competition and motivation is always a great thing when it comes to fitness. Many of us, including myself, do better when there’s someone to hold us accountable and to push us harder than we would push ourselves. Which is why I loved being a personal trainer and why I love love love my personal training cross fit sessions at GSX Crossfit in Fort Worth. Class sessions didn’t really work with my schedule so I’ve been doing this since January and now I’m hooked. So you can in part thank my GSX Crossfit coach Dane for this fabulous fitness challenge because the stronger I get the stronger I want to get. And if you’re in Fort Worth and are curious about cross fit I suggest you get yourself over to GSX and chat with Dane for a minute.

So here we go. I do my amazing Crossfit workouts 2 times a week and sometimes I struggle to find motivation when I’m at home so I’m hopeful that we can keep ourselves accountable. And Cheeseslave just did a Kettle bell challenge over on her blog which I missed so it switched on the light bulb in my brain.

Here’s what you need:

  • A jump rope


  • A kettle bell heavy enough to be challenging for swings but not heavy enough to hurt yourself. As a point of reference I’ll be using a 30lb kettle bell


  • You tube so you can watch and re-watch and then watch again videos of kettle bell swings and goblet squats and jump roping and double unders so that you don’t hurt yourself. You need to have good form for this, if you don’t think you do you don’t risk injuring yourself.

So for now I’ll leave you with the homework of buying your kettle bell, ordering your jump rope from here and watching these:

Kettlebell swing video
Goblet Squat
Jump rope
Get all of your equipment together, watch the videos and practice your form and I’ll post Week 1’s Challenge on Sunday so all you early birds can start at the crack on dawn on Monday morning if you’re so inclined.
Let me know if you have any questions!! And please share this challenge with anyone else you think might have some fun with it!

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