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Coconut Oil: The Motherhood Super Power

If I could have a superpower it would probably be to have coconut oil wherever, whenever, as much as I want, on command. If I had the time, and the energy, I might stand outside of OBGYN office and preach about why every mother needs to have coconut oil in her kitchen, medicine cabinet, shower, bathroom, changing table and bedroom. It is my cure all.

Here is an old post about some of the amazing things coconut oil does and how to use it but today I’m focusing on why I think every mother should be given a 5 gallon tub upon conception.

Pregnancy comes first, so that’s where I’ll start.

1. Stretch marks. If you start early enough coconut oil may be your best weapon. Apply is directly to your growing bump before it starts growing to help with skin elasticity, it’s loaded with nutrients and minerals too! Eating it during pregnancy can also help in making your skin more elastic which in itself will help reduce your chances of stretch marks. For more ideas on how to prevent stretch marks through diet here are some other suggestions I featured on Fox News.

2. Morning Sickness and Heartburn. Coconut oil can help neutralize stomach acid which causes heartburn and nausea by soothing the digestive system. The wonderful fatty profile of coconut oil also helps balance blood sugar which is a major cause of morning sickness. Eating plenty of protein, staying away from processed foods that will cause blood sugar spikes and eating coconut oil will help keep morning sickness away. Many women swear by taking 1/2-1 tbsp. in the morning before eating anything else. For more ideas on preventing morning sickness and dealing with food aversions read my tips here.

3. Gestational Diabetes. In the same way that coconut oil helps with morning sickness by preventing blood sugar spikes and drops it can help prevent gestational diabetes. It will also help reduce cravings which makes your likelihood of eating that whole box of donuts sitting in the office break room. Make it a regular part of your diet by having it with your meals or between meals to help combat crazy cravings.

4. Hemrroids. It can help with this in 2 ways. Consuming it will help cleanse the colon and keep everything moving it can also increase your metabolsim which will help foods get digested a little quicker and therefore increase your bowel movements. If you do get hemrroids you can use organic, virgin coconut oil directly on the affected area 2-3 times a day to help the relieve the pain.

5. Immune Booster. The last thing you want is to get sick while you’re pregnant. Coconut oil is am amazing immune booster and will also increase your energy levels and may even put you in a better mood. It will also help replenish minerals and nutrients if you are feeling under the weather.

Motherhood. This may be when you truly begin to fully appreciate the super powers of coconut oil.

1. Lactation: It helps boost milk supply and since it contains lauric acid it will increase the amount of it in your breast milk. Lauric acid is such a powerful antiviral that studies have begun to show it’s effectiveness in fighting HIV. It is what makes breast milk its very own superpower and gives babies their immune system to help combat illness.

2. Lotion. You want to stay from toxins and chemicals as much as possible with your baby so coconut oil makes a fabulously, delicious smelling moistuirez, especially in the wintertime so babys skin doesn’t dry out. It also works wonders on all sorts of skin ailments from rashes to ezcema.

3. Diaper Rash. Coconut oil is anti fungal and antibacterial so it can help fight diaper rashes and even kill stubborn yeast infections. Coconut oil does not provide a water barrier so make sure you apply it at every diaper change to greatly decrease your chances of diaper rash. Mixing it with powdered probiotics is almost a surefire way to quickly get rid of rashes or yeast.

4. Cuts and scrapes. Toss your neosporin, you don’t need it anymore. The lauric acid and antifungal/bacterial amazing powers of coconut oil will help heal cuts and scrapes. Use the same caution you would when using neosporin, don’t use it on bad, open wounds.

5. Constipation. Giving baby a tummy massage with coconut oil and essential oils can help move things along. Make sure the tummy massage always starts on babys right side, pushing things from left to right can create an even bigger back-up. It can also help when eaten in the same way it helps prevent constipation during pregnancy.

6. Carrier Oil. It is my very favorite carrier oil for essential oils. This blogpost has great uses for using essential oils for many many many things.

7. Nutrition. It’s a super-food to add to the diet of a picky eater. Cook or fry with it since it’s very heat stable and one of the best oils to fry in, spread it on toast or crackers under almond butter, creamed honey or cream cheese for a super sandwich. Spread it on waffles or pancakes. Add a spoonful to a smoothie. Subsitute vegetable oil for this super food. The possibilities are endless.

There really are so many more ways coconut oil comes into play for us on an almost daily basis. If you are wondering about something specific just send me a message or ask me on facebook and I’ll let you know my experience, chances are I’ve used it for almost everything under the sun.

How to buy coconut oil.  Quality is a superbly important. Make sure you buy raw, organic, unrefined coconut oil. If it’s refined put it down and keep looking. You want only the purest ingredients.

What are other ways coconut has made our lofe as a mom easier?

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