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Cleaning Sticky Fingerprints Naturally

What could be more fun than having a child that LOVES to put their sticky little fingers all over your stainless steel refrigerator? I mean after all it’s like a work of art right? We spend time tracing their little hands, dipping them in paint to capture their absolute perfection but when it comes to the masterpieces they leave on the fridge we won’t them gone. Oh the irony. I have however discovered that it’s only fun for my daughter to make handprint masterpieces when I ask her to stop- if I totally ignore it then it’s no fun at all. But that’s the way of kids right?

I love my home made cleaning products  so it should come as no surprise that I don’t want to use a stainless steel polish and I’d rather use something natural. Especially since I know that those fingers that were just decorating my fridge will likely be going into an ear, nostril or mouth with the remnants of whatever was left on them.

My favorite solution is White Vinegar! So simple! All you need is a clean, dry rag – old baby washcloths were made for this! Put some white vinegar in a spray bottle, spray it onto the rag and scrub away. I’ve found  that as the rag gets too wet it stops being as effective so you might want to have two on hand – or three so you can buff and dry it when your done.

It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Other uses for White Vinegar

I buy white Vinegar in bulk at Costco because it has so many other great uses like:

cleaning the inside of my refrigerator

use instead of jet dry in the dishwasher

clean of baby toys and high chairs

sometimes I scrub my toilets with it

The smell can be hard to handle but I promise that the smell fades when it dries. Happy cleaning!


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