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Can Food Really Heal You?

I absolutley, 100% believe that the food we eat has a profound affect on our health. It infuriates me that it is becoming harder and harder to find good, clean, food to eat that isn’t filled with hormones, pesticedes and GMO’s. Buying food should be simple, we shouldn’t need to make sure we know which vegetables are GMO and which ones are safe. An even bigger problem is that millions of Americans don’t even know what GMO’s are or how added hormones and pesticides are slowly killing us. With so much research on how things things negativley impact our health you would think that they would be illegal, but sadly money speaks louder than research. I care about what I eat, I care about what my family eats, I wish other people cared too.

I’ve used diet and the elimination of unhealthy, processed junk food in my own personal journey through sickness, with my daughters eczema and with my clients as well. I have yet to see radical changes in health, wellbeing, mood and general health when non-nutritious foods are replaced by high quality, nutrient dense foods.

When I hear people talk about not feeling well, having allergies, being infertile or having a more serious disease and not acknowledging that diet may have played a role or that possibly changing their diet may help them it almost makes me want to cry. I wish we were empowering our future generations with the knowledge that food has the power to heal, that we are not bound to the labels we are sometimes given by doctors.

In an attempt to bring more awareness to the fact that food has a profound affect on our health I recently wrote an article about the GAPS diet.  I don’t have personal experience going through the seven stages of the diet but have heard about how transformative it could be. Changing my diet several years ago and sticking to a mostly clean diet has been enough to help heal my symptoms of endometriosis, IBS, ADD, recurring ovarian cysts, fibromyalgia and countless other not so debilitating things so I don’t feel like the GAPS diet is something that I would benefit from at this point in my life. My toddlers eczema has also completley vanished since changing her diet so I don’t feel like she would benefit from it either. That doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t be open to trying it if I found it absolutley necessary. Having tried a raw and living foods diet before and not having positive results I would probably attempt a macrobiotic diet or other healing diets first simply but if I’ve tried everything else and I still wasn’t seeing results, sure, I’d give it a shot. Because I know that what I put into my body and how I treat it will have a profound effect on my health.

When researching the GAPS diet I found opposing views. As with anything else there are always two sides that can be argued. My intention was not to convince people to try the diet or to warn people against it. My intention was simply to invite the idea that the food we eat can make us sick or help us heal from serious disease. I hope that at least one person who read it looks at food differently now and begins to learn more about the difference between organic food and the conventional “food” that is sold to the unknowing population. Here is the article.

Have you ever changed your diet in a way that has deeply impacted your health? Which diets did you use and what were the results for you? Sharing the knowledge of different healing diets may help someone suffering from dis-ease find some relief.

gate io
June 3, 2023 at 4:05 am
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gate io
February 7, 2023 at 3:33 am
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