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Bye Bye Doggies

No I’m not getting rid of my dogs, though I will admit life would be easier if they weren’t so spoiled. First Wally spent a weekend with the emergency vet and needed 10 days of medicine 3 times a day and now Daphne got spayed and needs medicine 3 times a day. So naptime has turned into a take care of the dogs time which is nice because they get the much needed attention that they haven’t been getting but not so nice when there’s laundry to be folded, dishes to be cleaned, breasts to be pumped and waists to be shrunk.


Wally and Daphne were my first babies and when Annabelle was born my brother in law said that they would soon be outdoor dogs. Wally and Daphne outdoor dogs? I don’t think so! They sleep on my bed! HA! Then Annabelle came into the bed and the dogs got kicked off. When the never ending ear infection it my dad said ‘you don’t think the dogs could have brought something in?’ and they got kicked out of the bedroom. Annabelle’s going to be crawling pretty soon and the house is carpeted, and they shed, A LOT. I can’t kick them out of the living room, we’re in Texas, it’s 104 degrees outside, and they’re not outdoor dogs, but they’re being kicked out of the playroom. Daphne got spayed on Monday so she has to be confined so now they both sleep in the hallway between the laundry room and the pantry. Ay ay ay, I would have never pictured the dogs sleeping on dog beds outside of the laundry room. They probably, hopefully, won’t get the status of ‘just dogs’ but they’ve been replaced as the apple of my eye and what my whole world revolves around. And of course Annabelle is obsessed with them and they spend a lot of time making her laugh.

So the burning question, can dogs (or animals in general for that matter) pass sickness to humans? According to the vet dogs can’t pass on their sickness to humans. According to the center for disease control they can make us sick =( Apparently there’s a few strands of germs that can be passed from dog to human, but usually not so much with clean dogs that don’t roam the streets. Here’s what they have to say about the issue. This is a good read from baby center.

September 29, 2023 at 11:25 am
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