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Brush Your Body

Your skin is your bodys largest organ and the most important waste management systems to get rid of toxins stored in the body. It actually eliminates 25% of the bodys toxins. You can help your skin do an even better job and keep it looking radiant by dry-brushing. This helps shed the dead skin that accumulates over time and even stimulates the lymphatic and circulatory system to further eliminiate toxins.

When choosing the perfect brush always go for one with natural bristles, preferably vegetable derived- this is they type of thing you want to feel before you buy so you can make sure it’s not going to be too rough on the skin. Brushing is done on dry skin and you should always brush in long sweeping motions towards your heart since that is the direction that blood flows. Start on at the hands and feet and brush in toward the center of the body. On your stomach make sure you go counterclockwise. Don’t brush too hard – it shouldn’t hurt or leave your skin red, it should feel invigorating.

Dry brushing opens up your pores so a great time to do it is right before taking a shower, before turning the water on – never get the brush wet. Aim for twice a day, or at least once per day to get maximum health benefits.

Besides helping open up the pores and exfoliate dry skin regular body brushing also promotes tighter skin, increased blood flow and even helps digestion and kidney function so make this a part of your daily beauty routine.


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