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Boost your health in 15 minutes or less

Between work and family obligations most of us have a hard time fitting in regular activities to improve our health. The good news is that is doesn’t have to be hard or take a lot of time to make improvements that can have a long lasting impact on your health and quality of life.

Remember to start small by adding one new habit at a time so you don’t get overwhelmed. 

These are some of my favorite super simple health boosters:

  1. Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water.  Drinking lemon water regularly can decrease the acidity in your body, helping to fight inflammation while also enhancing enzymes function and stimulating the liver to flush out toxins. Its high levels of vitamin C also help keep your immune system boosted – especially important on stressful days. Drink this first thing in the morning before having anything else to eat or drink.
  1. Practice Sun Salutations. This yoga series is a great workout for the whole body by combining stretching, flexing and toning the muscles.  Yoga is a wonderful form of moving meditation, giving you an opportunity to reap the benefits of mediation which include lowered stress levels, less depression and better sleep. It also counts towards your 30 minutes of daily movement!
  1. Plan balanced meals and healthy snacks. Not having a plan for meals and snacks is one of the easiest ways to steer you to make unhealthy choices. Sitting down for a few minutes once a week helps you think about your health goals and plan meals that will help you reach those goals. Being prepared and having a shopping list helps you avoid temptation and will also make dinner preparation quicker and easier.
  1. Add a salad to dinner. A diet rich in vegetables can help you prevent many diseases including high blood pressure; strokes, heart disease and can also prevent some types of cancer. While dietary guidelines recommend five to thirteen servings of fruits and vegetables a day according to the Harvard School of Public Health the average American gets a total of just three servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Adding a salad to dinner requires virtually no prep and can help you reach a healthier daily veggie intake.
  1. Turn off electronics earlier. Technology is being incorporated into every part of our lives and staring at a screen can have an impact on your posture, eyesight and even your balance. Getting electronics out of your bedroom completely can even have a positive impact on how restful your sleep is. Committing to turning off electronics just 15 minutes earlier may not seem like much but adds up over time. Turning off electronics 1-2 hours before bed is ideal but even 15 minutes earlier will make a big difference.

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