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A Weelicious Snack Review

I’ve been back to cooking up a lot of snacks recently since my freezer stash has been completely depleted and I wanted to add some more variety back into Annabelle’s diet. It’s been a bit of a transition in terms of food since we’ve eliminated gluten and most dairy from Annabelle’s diet. Andrew has to sneak bread into the house like it’s contraband and either wait until she’s asleep to eat it or step into the pantry to shove a quick bite down his throat. But Annabelle’s eczema is completely cleared up so I’m all for cooking up gluten free treats for my princess.

I bought a few cookbooks a few months ago that I cleared the cobwebs off over the past few days. I like letting Annabelle flip through them with me and choose which ones she wants to help mommy make. Here are a few of the ones we’ve made, I’ve noted changes where I made changes. They’re all from the Weelicious cookbook. I hope you enjoy them as much as we have!

If you saw the picture of my squash pancake on my facebook feed that recipe will be out this week too. Our pancakes are such special creations that I want to dedicate a whole post to them!

Weelicious Graham Crackers

graham-crackerThe only change I made was using gluten free baking mix instead of regular flour. They were a hit, I’ll be making them again, next time in a larger batch that I can freeze. Click here for the recipe.




Weelicious Spinach Gnocchi

spinach-gnocchiI read all the reviews before making them and since some said they were slimy I added an extra tablespoon of flour (gluten free flour mix) right from the start and I only boiled 5 of them to see just how slimy they were. They were pretty slimy. So i put them on a baking sheet and baked them in a 350 degree oven for about 20 minutes. They need salt and some seasonings, maybe onion or garlic powder but besides that they were pretty good. Annabelle refused to touch them but Andrew approved so I’ll probably make them again with some more seasoning tweaks. Click here for the original recipe.  

Weelicious Breakfast Cupcakes

breakfast-cupcakeAnnabelle has been fascinated with cupcakes since having them for her birthday so as soon as she saw these in the cookbook she wanted them. So of course, I made them. She usually just sucks the frosting off of cupcakes and wants nothing to do with the cake part so I was curious to see how she would approach them. As soon as the sticky ‘frosting’ got on her perfectly clean little fingers she decided she wanted the ones without frosting. She had 2 mini ones for breakfast, a couple went in her lunchbox the next day and then she didn’t touch them anymore. Andrew liked them with the frosting. They dried out pretty quick, after about 2 days. Maybe because I stuck them in the fridge?Maybe because of the gluten free flour? This is a good base recipe that I think I can tweak some more. And my frosting was not even close to being that pretty. I used coconut milk instead of regular milk. Click here for the recipe.


Weelicious Fruit Leather

fruit-roll-upThis seemed like a fabulous idea and executed properly I’m sure it would be. Sadly mine didn’t turn out like fruit leather, I let it cook too long and it was just a tiny bit on the burnt side and more crackly than leathery. And it made me sad to waste a perfectly good pint of organic strawberries from whole foods, so I will make sure someone eats it. The flavor is really delicious, concentrated strawberry deliciousness. The recipe says it needs to cook for 2-3 hours and possibly more so checking I didn’t plan on checking on it at all for the first 2 hours. Maybe I spread it too thin but at about an hour and a half I could smell the very faint smell of burning strawberries. If you make it keep a very close eye on it. I might try this again but not with strawberries, until I get it right. I’ll probably stick to a less expensive fruit first, or use organic frozen berries. The recipe is in the book but not on the website, this one for peach fruit leather gives you the general idea. The strawberry one was 3 cups of strawberries, 1 tsp honey and cook 2-3 hrs. Maybe it’s time I brought my dehydrator that we got as a wedding gift out of its box.

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