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A perfect little snack

It’s hard to find a quick, easy, healthy snack when you have nothing in the house. What I do have is Scandanavian Bran Crispbread. It has an amazingly low 12 calories per slice and 7 carbs, 5 of which are fiber. It tastes a little bit like cardboard when eaten alone but put something on top and it’s surprisingly delicious. I’ve tried a few combos, cheddar, turkey, asian veggie patties but today I found my favorite. Whipped strawberry cream cheese with red currant jelly. Deeelicious and perfect for a sweet tooth! Hmmmmm… I bet nutella would be fabulous too, but then nutella is fabulous on anything and oh so dangerous to have around! I know you can find this genious little cracker bread at Whole Foods and I’m guessing Central Market probably carries it too. Or you can buy it online here. If you do try it share your favorite combos with me!

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