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10 Yummy ways to eat Avocado!

Avocados have got to be one of my favorite summer foods and with so many reasons to love them you can add them to your diet with zero guilt!

Avocados are known for their delicious, healthy fats but finding ways to incorporate them into your diet can be tricky. Guacamole is a popular way to use them but how often do you really eat guacamole? Try some of these delicious ideas to get more of this healthy food into your life.


  1. Spread it onto sandwiches. Just swap out butter or mayonnaise for a slice of avocado to spread on your bread.
  2. Make a hearty salad lunch by adding some chicken, mango and avocado to your favorite greens and dressing it with some olive oil and fresh lime juice.
  3. Make a green gazpacho by blending together some teamed zucchini, avocado, green onions, vegetable broth, cucumber, limes and sea salt. This cold soup makes a delicious lunch on a hot day.
  4. Try throwing them on the grill at your next barbeque, it’ll give it a great flavor and if you add a little salt you’ll want to eat it just as it is.
  5. Indulge with some chocolate pudding! Use a food processor to puree the avocado and then add cacao powder and maple syrup to taste.
  6. Add a poached egg into a cut and pitted avocado, sprinkle with a little salt and you’ve got a deliciously healthy breakfast full of protein and healthy fats to keep you going all day long.
  7. Slice a few slices of fresh avocado on top of a pizza, it may sound strange but I promise it’s delicious. My favorite it to top a cheese pizza with arugula, thinly sliced avocado slices and just a touch of lemon zest.
  8. In a blender mix up a whole avocado, the juice of one lime and a touch of salt for a fantastic salad dressing.
  9. Toss some wild rice or quinoa in a light lemon dressing and serve it in an avocado shell.
  10. Make a decadent chocolate milkshake with milk avocado, cacao powder and raw honey!


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