Nesting Simplified

Getting close to your delivery date, and making sure all is in place for the big return home?  Having a baby is one of the most joyous and stressful times you will ever experience.  When prepping the house you make sure the baby’s room and furniture is ready, the house is dust free, and your stocked on all the supplies your little one could need.  Your world is about to become more hectic and time will be scarce.   With high stress and less sleep this is a time when you need high quality nutrients and superfoods in your diet the most.  Your health and diet is critical at this point whether breastfeeding or not, and the most often overlooked part of nesting are your dietary needs.  With certified Holistic Health Counselor Jacqueline Banks there to help, your freezer will be stocked with a month of prepared, healthy, and ready to eat meals.  Keep the whole house healthy, and pass on all the nutrients your newborn needs.  Call Jacqueline and start planning and preparing now.

Customized plans available starting at $99