Feel like yourself again

During pregnancy and nursing it can begin to feel like your body belongs less to you and more to your baby.  By this point your body has gone through the drastic changes required to grow, deliver, and generate food for a baby.  You are mentally, physically and emotionally drained and you need a fresh start.  The most effective way to feel like yourself again once you are done nursing is to cleanse and flush.  Work with certified Holistic Health Counselor Jacqueline Banks to release stored up toxins, rebalance your hormones and replenish your exhausted adrenal glands.   Jacqueline will use supplements, diet and exercise to create a personalized program based on your individual needs.  You will feel better than ever with more energy than you thought possible.  Contact Jacqueline now, and start the process of feeling renewed, healthy, fresh and full of energy.

Customized plans available starting at $79