Eating for Two

Confused about what to eat to give your baby the best possible start?  Whether pregnant or breastfeeding there is a plethora of baffling and contradictory information on what is right to eat.  Working with certified Holistic Health Counselor and organic foods specialist Jacqueline Banks, you can get the facts on how to nourish yourself and your growing baby.  Jacqueline will work with you to create a personalized plan based on your input, and the understood realities of being a mother or mother-to-be.  It will take into account your dietary preferences, health considerations, lifestyle and time constraints.  Jacqueline will also show you which foods to avoid, which ones need to be organic, what to eat daily, and which supplements will benefit you.  Give your baby the best future available, and call Jacqueline today.

Health Counseling packages available starting at $79