Healthy Home

Kitchen Re-Vamp $95
Health begins in the kitchen, with high quality ingredients. Most people are confused about what healthy foods really are and we have been brain washed to believe that low fat is healthier, so we buy the low fat versions of our favorite foods. The problem with this attempt at virtue is that low fat is not necessarily better for you and in most cases fat grams are simply replaced with sugar. During your kitchen Re-Vamp Jacqueline Banks will go through all of your foods, identify what you canĀ“t live without and then help you re-stock your fridge and with healthy versions to get you on a fast track to good nutrition.

Jacqueline Banks will personally help you go through your fridge and pantry; you will toss things out as you learn why they are not healthy. Then, together, you will go to the supermarket or your local health food store and re-stock your kitchen while learning how to make informed decisions about what to buy and learning to navigate your way through a health food store. Jacqueline will even help you re=organize so that healthy ingredients and snacks will always be at hand to keep temptation away.